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Friday, June 9, 2017

Reza Aslan Out At CNN

Reza Aslan has been dumped by CNN.  Do you remember Aslan?  He's the host of a CNN weekend show about religion.  He's also a raging voice against President Trump, Republicans, Conservatives and anyone else with whom he disagrees.  Aslan throws around intemperate language regarding his "enemies" like he is tossing confetti at a ticker tape parade in downtown Manhattan.  For a long time, Aslan got away with discussing religion on the weekend and cursing out all manner of people during the week.  Then, about a week ago, Aslan sent out a tweet in which he called President Trump a POS, although he didn't abbreviate those words.  It got a firestorm of reaction, and almost none of it was positive.  CNN, however, said that Aslan was not an employee of the network, so there was little they could do.  The CNN reply was funny given that another non-CNN employee, Kathy Griffin had just been dumped by the network for her now famous photo shoot.  I guess CNN thought the whole thing would blow over.

It seems that it did not blow over.  Quite the contrary, CNN today ended its relationship with Aslan.  He will now fade into the obscurity he so richly deserves.

What all this should tell the average American is just this:  the media may think it can say or do anything it wants, but that is not correct.  A strong and focused reaction by the public will bring the media in line every time.  Each future outrage from the media (and it is inevitable that there will be many more), has to be met with resolve to make things right.  Opinion within media ranks will never force a change; however, a threat to the financial basis of these "impartial" networks will cause change faster than you can imagine.

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