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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Even Now The Media Can't Seem To Stop

About a half hour ago, I was watching Special Report on Fox News.  It is by far the best pure news show on any network, and that is combined with a rather insightful panel discussion during the last third of the hour during which there is usually a calm, rational and almost non-partisan analysis of the days major news stories.  The panelists disagree, but most nights there are multiple viewpoints presented in a way that informs the viewer about events rather than about the partisan view of events.  The top story today remained the attack yesterday in Alexandria, Virginia on the GOP congressmen practicing for tonight's congressional charity baseball game.

As the show started, I decided to see what MSNBC and CNN were covering.  On MSNBC, Greta VanSusteran was playing.  Greta is constantly being barraged by the left for being too conservative for MSNBC, so she's not the usual far left MSNBC host.  Even so, Greta's show began with a discussion about the investigation into obstruction which the Washington Post now claims is underway by the special counsel Robert Mueller.  During the hour, I flipped back to Greta's show three other times.  Each time she was either hearing a report or holding a panel discussion about the same story. 

I also checked CNN to see what it was covering.  It was the same story as MSNBC.  It was all about Mueller's investigation.  One time, CNN was discussing President Trump's tweets about the investigation and the panel was actually laughing at those tweets.  Nevertheless, the investigation was the only story I saw CNN cover.

Obviously, I did not watch any of the three cable networks straight through for the hour, and I spent the majority of my time watching Fox News.  Still, it was striking, indeed amazing, that MSNBC and CNN found no time to cover the armed attack on the congressmen or other big stories like the return of the American who had been held prisoner by the North Koreans.

One of the main reasons for the attack on the congressmen is that the media cannot seem to control itself when it comes to President Trump.  Much of the media (like CNN or MSNBC) are in permanent combat mode.  It is always essential to the survival of the USA that they bring down President Trump.  It doesn't matter that they have no proof; it doesn't matter that much of what they have previously reported has been revealed to be false; all that matters to them is for them to succeed.

Here's a good example.  Tonight on CNN, I heard Lone Wolf Blitzer and some panelists describe the firing of James Comey as being an attempt by President Trump to interfere with the investigation of his collusion with the Russians.  Think about that.  Comey confirmed to Congress last week that he personally told President Trump three different times that Trump was not the subject of the investigation.  Indeed Comey told Trump that he was not a suspect.  So when Trump fired Comey a month later, what was the investigation which Trump sought to impede?  If Trump had been assured that there was no investigation of him, how does firing Comey affect the non-existent investigation regarding Trump.  Only the Washington Post, NY Times and Congressional Democrats said that there was such an investigation, and we all now know that was a lie.

Yesterday, people were shot because the media and the Democrats kept inciting violence among the Democrat base, at least with the crazies.  Couldn't the media people take off just a few days from the non-stop BS?  Don't they owe that to the American people?

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