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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Some Actual Big New -- 2

Two days ago, I wrote about the reported change in the policy of the Palestinian Authority regarding its paying pensions to the surviving family of suicide bombers and other terrorists killed during attacks.  Supposedly, the PA was changing the policy.  I was doubtful about the report since it seemed hard to believe that the Palestinians would actually make that change.  It turns out that my doubts were well founded.  We now know that a change is "under discussion".

It's worth noting that peace in the Middle East has been under discussion for the last 70 years at least, and we still have no peace.  My guess is that support by the Palestinian Authority for terrorists and terrorism could be "discussed" for that long as well with no change.

Hopefully, Congress will pass the Taylor Force Act which cuts off American aid from being used for paying pensions or bonuses to terrorists.

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