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Sunday, June 11, 2017

And They Still Wonder Why?

Perhaps the funniest moment in recent days to come from the mainstream media happened after the press conference President Trump held with the visiting Prime Minister of Romania at the White House.  These joint press conferences are a staple at all meetings of this sort.  There was an assemblage of chairs set up for the media, and seats are assigned to each reporter who has the requisite press credentials.  Well, here's the scoop:  both the reporters for the New York Times and for CNN were assigned a place in the last row of those chairs.  Oh the Horror!

It didn't take long for the CNN and NY Times reporters to start to complain and whine about where they were seated.  How could the White House staff do this to them!  After all, CNN is the third most important cable news network (out of three) and the Times is the "paper of record".  So was it a coincidence that this happened right after Jim Comey testified that these stories in the media from unnamed sources are usually wrong?  Did it matter that the Times published a story detailing supposed contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians that never happened per Comey?  In other words, is there a consequence for being a purveyor of Fake News?  Must the White House give CNN and the Times a place of honor when those media outlets spend most of their time attacking the President through Fake News?  These self-important "journalists" think so, but I doubt many Americans do.  It may be that Lone Wolf Blitzer thinks the positioning of the reporters was "outrageous" as he fumed on air.  The real truth is that both CNN and the New York Times should be happy that they still are allowed in at all.  After all, I know a blog written in Connecticut that would like to get press credentials for White House events, and I bet I could find someone who would want the other chair left empty if both of these fake news pushers were dumped.

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