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Thursday, June 15, 2017

But The Media Was So Sure

The jury in the Bill Cosby case told the judge today that it is deadlocked.  The judge sent them back to try again, but the most likely outcome will be a hung jury.

How can that be?  For months and months and months we heard from nearly every media outlet that Bill Cosby had drugged and molested a long list of women.  It was unanimous in the mainstream media; Cosby was a criminal.  Then came the trial.  Cosby's trial team presented no defense; it just relied on the insufficiency of the evidence presented.  In between discussions about how President Trump colluded with the Russians, CNN told its viewers that in the closing argument, the lawyer for Cosby seemed to just give up.  Coverage on some of the other mainstream media outlets was similar.  So how could this jury just be unable to come to a verdict?

Normally, the mainstream media would tell us that this was racism in action.  Of course, the problem is that Cosby is black and the jury is almost completely white.  Under the normal paradigm for racism according to the mainstream media, the white jury would wrongfully convict the black man.  Here, we have the reverse.  Maybe it's sexism.  The jury is siding with the man against the woman because they hate women.  It's hard to even write that nonsense, but no doubt we will hear it from the mainstream media if Cosby is not convicted.

Look, I don't know if Bill Cosby is innocent or guilty, but that's not the point.  The real point is that the mainstream media which convicted Cosby repeatedly in its reports also does not know if Cosby is innocent or guilty.  We will learn the answer to that soon from the jury.

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