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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Moron for the Ages

Periodically, I write about senator Chris Murphy from my state of Connecticut.  Murphy, a Democrat, is in the running for the dumbest member of the Senate.  Today shows why.

There was a vote today on a resolution pushed by Murphy to block the sale of precision munitions to Saudi Arabia.  This is part of the arms deal that President Trump put in place during his recent visit to Riyadh.  Murphy wanted to block the sale because he said that these weapons would be used by the Saudis in the fighting in Yemen.  But there's more, much more.  Senator Murphy's big problem with the Saudi involvement in the fighting in Yemen is that the Saudis supposedly are hitting too many civilian targets.  This supposedly is causing too many civilian casualties.

Think about that for a moment.  Murphy didn't try to block the entire arms agreement, just the sale of precision munitions.  That's another name for smart bombs.  You remember smart bombs; they are the bombs that can precisely hit targets; they are highly accurate.  In fact, smart bombs are the best way for an air force to prevent needless civilian casualties.  So Murphy, the genius, is upset about civilian casualties (or so he claims.)  In order to protest against civilian casualties and prevent them, Murphy attacks the one part of the arms deal that would allow the Saudis to reduce or prevent civilian casualties.

Maybe next week Murphy can introduce a measure to fight against cancer by ordering the destruction of medicines in the USA that fight cancer.  It would make about as much sense as today's move.

Needless to say, the Senate rejected Murphy's resolution.

He truly is a moron for the ages.

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