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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Funniest Line of the Day

I just read an article in the NY Post about how CNN retracted its erroneous story regarding the Trump transition team and Russia and then fired the three reporters/producers who created the story.  The Post says that CNN was responding to the threat of a 100 million dollar libel action by the subject of the story.  It was just another recounting of the matter, but it contained what has to be the most unintentionally hilarious line I've seen in a while.  Here it is:

Meanwhile, a CNN insider said staffers are furious at “having lost the moral high ground because of this story.”

The idea that CNN ever held the moral high ground is ridiculous.  Remember, in just the last month CNN fired Kathy Griffin for her intolerable behavior.  Then it fired Reza Aslan and cancelled his weekend show because of his low life comments about the President.  Before that, it got the story about what Comey would tell Congress 100% wrong, and that was just the latest in a string of erroneous stories based upon anonymous sources.  Some "moral high ground!"

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