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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That Didn't Take Long

Just yesterday, I posted about the refusal of the Palestinian Authority to pay for electricity for the residents of the Gaza Strip.  I predicted that the Israelis would be blamed for the cut off no matter what the actual source.  Today, the LA Times is writing articles about how Israel is cutting off the power at the request of the Palestinian Authority. 

Think about this.  Suppose you told the electric company that you would no longer pay your electric bill.  What would happen?  Would you be surprised if the power company shut off your power?  Of course not.  That's essentially what is happening here.  In Gaza, the people who use electricity pay their bills to the local electric supplier.  That company, however, gives the money collected mostly to the local government of Gaza which is run by the terrorists of Hamas.  The local electric supplier, however, gets its power from an Israeli electric producer.  Until now, the bill for that power generated at the Israeli company's plants has been paid by the Palestinian Authority.  Hamas paid nothing since it will not do business with an Israeli company.  Now the Palestinian Authority has announced that it will no longer pay the full electric bill.  As a result the Israeli company is going to cut back on the electricity supplied.  For the LA Times, however, this is Israel cutting off power to Gaza.

It would be easy for the Gaza government to pay for the power.  After all, the money for the power is collected from local citizens.  Hamas has the cash.  Instead, as usual, Hamas would rather have the people in Gaza suffer so that it can blame Israel for that suffering.  It's a terrible but predictable course of action from Hamas.

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