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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Here's the Real Question

The BS about 'obstruction of justice" based upon what President Trump supposedly said to Jim Comey is ongoing.  Today, we heard people like Preet Bhara (who Trump fired after taking office) solemnly stating that there was indeed enough evidence to pursue such a case.  But here's the problem with all that:  Trump did nothing wrong.

Consider this; if Trump had told Comey, "Jim I order you to stop further investigation of General Flynn," would that be a problem?  It would be a much more direct statement to stop the investigation than saying I hope you can let one aspect of the case against Flynn go.  It would be direct interference with the federal investigation.  But you know what?  It would be a move that the President has both the power and the right to make.  For over two hundred years, president have directed investigations, and there is no law limiting that power.  Even Comey agrees that President Trump had the power to stop an investigation or limit its focus.  Indeed, Trump could have just issued a pardon to Flynn and that would be the end of that.  Simply put, there is no way that what Comey claims Trump said could constitute obstruction of justice.

But there's more.  Comey himself testified under oath that he was never told or directed to limit or stop and investigation for political reasons, never in his entire career.  Comey's belated "understanding" of what Trump supposedly meant months earlier which understanding came about only after Trump fired Comey is hardly the basis to overturn Comey's prior testimony to the contrary.

Let me put it this way:  If President Trump were not the president, and all we had was Comey's two statements and Trump's denial, there would not be enough to convict.  No reasonable jury could conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an obstruction of justice.

All of this is defensive, I know.  It is the goal of the Democrat/media complex to have the President and the GOP spend time on defense instead of getting the Trump agenda enacted.  They only care about regaining power and not about the good of the country.  It's time to move on. 

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