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Monday, June 12, 2017

So Now They Have Macron

I just read one of those "Isn't he great" pieces on CNN.  You know, the type that used to be reserved for president Obama.  CNN is gushing over the amazing program that this new, young political leader is pushing.  Everyone is in awe of just how quickly he has taken charge of world affairs now that President Trump has removed the USA from all international entanglements.  The hero of the hour on CNN is French president Macron, the 39 year old new president who won the presidency and whose party now seems poised to win the French parliamentary elections principally by being "none of the above."  Macron was not a Socialist like the hated former president Hollande.  He was not a "far right" nationalist like Marine LePen and her party.  He was not a tired old conservative like so many previous presidents.  Nope, Macron was a young guy who really didn't have to say too much; he just had to NOT be any of the other choices.

So why is CNN now deciding to create an aura around this guy?  Basically, he's their only choice.  They tried with the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, but he's been sort of goofy since taking office.  Plus he's Canadian, and Americans have a hard time taking any Canadian seriously.  Now, however, we're supposed to believe that this novice French leader is going to lead the European continent to do his bidding.  It seems that CNN has forgotten that the British and the Germans are not likely to fall in line behind a French leader unless his policies attract them.  CNN also seems to have forgotten that the sclerotic French economy has been the bain of French leaders for decades and so far, Macron has no real program to remedy the problems with the economy.

None of this will stop CNN.  It wants to find a new leader about whom it can gush on and on.  I doubt Americans will care about Macron, but you never know.  And in two years, when Macron's popularity is beaten down in France, will anyone actually remember that CNN touted him like the second coming?  I doubt it, and CNN is counting on that.  In the meantime, however, get ready for the barrage of articles telling us how great Macron is.  Who knows, if the trend catches on with the rest of the world media, maybe Macron will get the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, just like Obama.  In fact, maybe the Nobel committee will give him the Prize in medicine for helping improve the mental condition of liberals worldwide.  Who cares if he's done nothing.

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