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Friday, June 9, 2017

You Need More Than Strong Language

New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand is little know inside New York, and hardly noticed outside that state.  Nevertheless, Gillibrand is pursuing her dream of becoming president.  She's pushing to get a jump start on the primaries for the 2020 election by making a name for herself now.  Until recently, Gillibrand has been nothing more than a second vote for Chuck Schumer, the other NY senator.  Suddenly, Gillibrand is pulling stunts to be noticed.  Today, her big move is to use strong language while speaking to something called the "Personal Democracy Forum" in New York City.  She shouted about President Trump, "Did he keep his promises?  No, f__k no!"

It's sad to think that a US senator thinks the way to get noticed in the Democrat party is to use this language.  It's also strange to realize that someone who wants to be President doesn't realize that there are many across the country for whom the use of this language is extremely off-putting.  Okay, most of those offended by the language are not Democrats, but there are still millions who will vote in Democrat primaries for who this language is nothing but proof that the speaker is a mindless and crude woman.  Indeed, this is one area for which the use of language like this by a woman is much worse than similar conduct by a man.  Of course, that does not stop Gillibrand.

Now, to be fair, it is idiotic to analyze Gillibrand's prospects in the next presidential race.  After all, at some point, Gillibrand would have to answer questions about policy and at that point her empty-headed approach to government would be disclosed.  Even in a party like the Democrats who have so few feasible candidates, Gillibrand would still be a dud.

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