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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Let's Not Miss the Passage of Kate's Law by the House

There's so much going on today that the vote in the House to pass Kate's law as well as a cut off of funding for sanctuary cities is being given little coverage in the media.  These are critical events, however.

Let's start with Kate's law.  It provides that illegal aliens who have been convicted of a felony and deported are subject to five years in prison if they re-enter the USA illegally.  Think about that.  The only people it affects are men and women who commit a serious crime in the USA and who are then deported.  It is meant to give law enforcement a tool to deal with violent criminals who just keep coming back into the USA after being deported.  Most of the Democrats oppose this bill, although I cannot understand why.  It is not anti-immigrant.  Those who enter the USA illegally are unaffected by the proposed law unless they are convicted of a serious crime.  Even someone deported six times is unaffected unless he or she does something like murder or rape or armed robbery as well.  Those who oppose the bill are helping criminals to walk our streets.

It's worth noting that the about an eighth of the Democrats in the House voted for the bill.  Every Republican save one also voted to support the bill.  The bill will now move to the Senate for consideration.  If it gets the support of roughly the same percentage of Democrats there, the bill will be very close to having the 60 votes needed to prevent a filibuster.  I seriously wonder if Democrat senators want to campaign for re-election after having sided with illegal alien criminals instead of the safety of the average American.  My guess is that the bill will be passed.

The sanctuary city bill is a different matter.  There will be a majority in the Senate to support the bill, but my prediction is that the Democrats will filibuster to prevent passage.  Polling data shows the vast majority of voters favor stopping local governments from becoming or continuing as sanctuary cities or counties.  Nevertheless, I doubt there will be nine Democrats who will buck the party leadership to support this measure.

No matter what, though, the passage of these two bills by the House is a major event.  It brings the Trump agenda on immigration one step closer to completion.  It's particularly poignant that these bills passed on the day that the President's Executive Order banning entry to the USA from certain countries goes into effect.

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