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Friday, June 30, 2017

More Fire Across the Israel/Syria Border

For the third time in a few days, fire from Syrian territory landed in Israeli territory on the Golan Heights.  As had happened the previous times, the Israelis responded by firing back at the source of the shelling inside Syria.  It is believed that the shelling from Syria is wayward artillery that was meant to hit one side or the other in the civil war raging in Syria.  Still, given that this has happened so frequently of late, one has to wonder if this is an intentional provocation by the Assad regime and its Iranian allies to try to make themselves appear as the true adversary of Israel.

Up to now, none of the many Syrian shells and missiles have caused casualties inside Israel.  I have to wonder whether this has led to a smaller Israeli response.  This is a dangerous flashpoint which could easily lead to Israel's getting involved inside Syria.  Hopefully, that will not happen.

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