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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Some Actual Big News

It's being reported today that the Palestinian Authority has agreed to stop making monthly pension payments to the families of suicide bombers and other terrorists who murdered innocent victims in terror attacks.  While I don't doubt that the Palestinian Authority has told the State Department of this change in policy, I still want to wait to see the policy actually change before I believe any of this.

In just the last four years, the Palestinian Authority has paid out over one billion dollars to the families of terrorists.  This is money that came, in large part, from American aid.  We even have the crazy situation that the family of terrorists who killed Americans are getting pensions from the American taxpayers.  It is an abomination, and both President Trump and secretary of state Tillerson have pushed the Palestinian Authority hard to stop the practice.  Of course, during the last four years under Obama, the USA did not even protest these subsidies going to the survivors of terrorists.

If it turns out that this is truly a change being made by the Palestinian Authority, it is a most welcome one.

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