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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sometimes It's Truly Beyond Belief

By now, you have probably seen the CNN segment in which a group of reporters discuss the attitude of the White House towards "journalists" and the supposed danger in which that attitude places the journalists.  It's an eye-opener, truly amazing.  You have a woman who is a foreign correspondent who says she goes to war zones and believes that the people there are "emboldened" to attack her because of the things the attitude that the Trump White House displays towards reporters.

Think about that for a minute.  What this reporter is saying is that she goes to Syria to report on the fight against ISIS and that while she is there, the enemy is more likely to attack her because of something President Trump said about the media.  That is so idiotic that it's hard to know where to begin to discuss it.  First, does she think that the ISIS soldiers are watching news reports about what the President has to say about the media.  What show is that?  Is it "Media Buzz" in Arabic?  Second, does she really think that ISIS soldiers care what President Trump has to say?  How dumb is that?  Third, does she really think that the terrorists would not have killed her in the past if possible?  Remember Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was killed by the terrorists when they captured him; president Obama had not bad mouthed reporters and yet Pearl was murdered anyway.

Finally, it is beyond belief that these media people really want America to see them as victims.  They have spent the last nine months demonizing the President.  You name it, and they have accused President Trump of it.  They don't seem to care about the truth; witness the phony story this week that got three CNN reporters fired.  They don't care about the law; witness the frequent disclosure of sensitive national security information published by the media even when it harms our safety.  They are incredibly snide and nasty people; all you have to do is watch for a few minutes to see that.  But if President Trump calls the "Fake News", they cry and complain and claim to be poor victims of the mean Mr. Trump.  I say again, it is beyond belief.

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