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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More Fake News

The Warriors won the NBA title.  That's true.  The Warriors decided to decline the invitation to visit the White House to celebrate their triumph.  That's not true, but it didn't stop the media from reporting all about the supposed decision.  The reports are not limited to strange web sites run by conspiracy theorist .   Places like NBC reported the supposed decision.

But there's a big problem here.  The Warriors just announced that no decision had been made regarding a White House visit.  The team further announced that no invitation had been received from the White House either, and no consideration had been undertaken by anyone on the team about such an invitation should it be received.  That's a very nice way for the Warriors to say, "the reports on this subject are just FAKE NEWS"

Why is it that even in sports the mainstream media can't resist publishing Fake News stories if they attack President Trump?

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