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Monday, June 12, 2017

Being Mean to Comey

For the last few days, we have been bombarded by more and more pieces in the mainstream media in which one liberal "pundit" after another denounces the treatment of James Comey by the Senate committee during his testimony.  How dare those senators ask Comey why he said nothing if he believed that President Trump was interfering in an investigation!  How dare those senators ask Comey why had didn't resign if he felt there was interference by Trump!  How dare those senators treat Comey this way when he was just a "victim" of the evil Trump!

It's getting to the point of being truly ridiculous.  Comey, after all, is not some campus snowflake who needs a safe space in order to avoid being triggered.  He's was the head of the FBI at the time, the head of the nation's most feared law enforcement entity.  He's the one who was supposed to be protecting America from terrorism, but these people think he can't take it if the President tells him that he(the President) hopes Comey could see his way clear to letting go of a portion of the Flynn investigation.  Really?

It's even gotten worse.  Some of these "pundits" are comparing the treatment of Comey to the treatment decades ago of Anita Hill, the woman who claimed that she had been harassed by Clarence Thomas.

These fools are missing something big here.  Simply put, if Comey actually felt that he was being ordered by the President to do something illegal, Comey had a legal obligation to report that to his boss, the Attorney General.  Failure to make that report is a felony.  That's right, failure by Comey to report such an event is a crime.  As the person in the federal government in charge of investigating federal crimes, Comey knew that he had that obligation to make a report.  He chose not to report anything to Attorney General Sessions.  That leaves one of two possibilities:  either Comey did not think that the President had done anything wrong, or Comey chose to break the law.

It's interesting that Comey now claims that he knew that Sessions would likely recuse himself, but that did not happen for another three weeks.  During those three weeks, Comey had to report his conversation with the President if he truly thought Trump had done anything wrong.  He never made that report which makes it pretty clear that Comey knew that nothing wrong had happened.

So when the senators asked Comey about why he didn't say or do anything about his conversation with the president, it was not them being mean to Comey.  It was the senators wondering if Comey had an excuse for his criminal behavior.  Even liberal pundits should understand that these questions were necessary and appropriate.

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