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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

People Devoid of Reason

This may seem hard to believe, but here's something that I've just seen.

First, as most of you know, there was an attack this morning on a group of Republican congressmen by a shooter who was shot and killed by the Capitol Police guarding the congressmen.  The shooter has been identified as a strident supporter of Bernie Sanders and a major hater of Donald Trump and the GOP.  This was a terrible event.

Second, within an hour or two, I've been seeing discussions regarding whether or not this attack will change the position of NBC regarding the airing of Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones this coming Sunday.  They're even supposedly discussing at NBC whether or not the attack on the congressmen will help or hurt the ratings for Megyn's show.

I hope that none of this supposed response regarding Megyn Kelly and her show is true.  It's really too soon for us to know the truth on this point.  Nevertheless, if the response at NBC to multiple counts of attempted murder for political reasons is just to consider how it will affect ratings, then there is something very, very wrong at that network.

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