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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Understanding Is In Short Supply

I have been reading the tweets about the anti-Sharia law demonstrations across America today.  I have to say that I really do not understand the dialogue. 

Here's an example:

Brigitte Gabriel who heads the organization sponsoring the marches tweeted this:

"Our marches today stand against domestic abuse, FGM and honor killings.  Simple question, what then would a "counter protest" stand for?"

The first response I came across was this from Nathan Lean:

"No, you Botoxed scag.  Your "marches" target vulnerable minorities and encourage hatred of them.  You'll be remembered alongside the KKK."

There's a lot more, but for the most part these two tweets are quite representative.

Someone has to explain to me why marching against radical Islamic terrorism is racist, Islamophobia, or even inappropriate.  I've looked for any indication that these marches target Muslims in general, and I can't find it.  To be fair, I've just looked today, so there may be something buried that I've missed.  The only indication of Islamophobia I can find is the non-stop accusations thrown at Act For America, the group behind the marches.  Indeed, quite the contrary from those accusations, I found a number of places where Act For America calls upon the mainstream American Muslim community to rid itself of those who support terrorism.  That is hardly Islamophobic. 

Think of it this way:  over the past decades, there have been so called Catholic groups that have bombed abortion clinics in a few instances.  If a group called for the Catholics to rid themselves of the people who oppose abortion with bombs, is that anti-Catholic?  Hardly! 

The problem we all face right now is that many on the left are trying to shut down any discussion of the problem of radical Islamic terrorism.  It cannot be that discussing that subject is Islamophobic.  If that argument were to prevail, then the victory of the radical Islamists would soon follow.

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