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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Senator McCaskill Goes Down the Drain

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri may have just lost her bid for re-election.  She has been disclosed as a liar, as a senator who filed false financial disclosures, and as an investor in an opioid manufacturer.  That's not the sort of background most voters want to support.

A few months ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told reporters that his meeting with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak was the result of his normal work as a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee.  Senator McCaskill quickly tweeted that she had been on that committee for ten years and had never met with the Russian ambassador.  She went on to say that ambassadors meet with senators on the foreign relations committee not the armed services committee.

Within a day or so, McCaskill was left with egg on her face when people uncovered two different tweets that McCaskill had sent two years earlier discussing meetings she had just held with the Russian ambassador.  In other words, McCaskill was telling a whopper when she claimed to have NEVER met with the ambassador.  That was bad, but then it got much worse.  It was disclosed that McCaskill had attended a dinner at the residence of the Russian Ambassador.  That was pretty bad, but then it was uncovered that McCaskill had actually paid over eight hundred dollars to attend the dinner.  As investigators looked into that payment, McCaskill had no choice but to disclose that the payment for the dinner came from a family foundation set up in her husband's name.  That foundation was created so that the family's investments in an opioid manufacturer would no longer have to be disclosed on McCaskill's financial disclosure forms filed with the Senate ethics office.  So Claire was hiding her investment in a merchant of death, but it gets worse.  It seems that since the foundation was set up four years ago, McCaskill never disclosed it on those financial forms as required by law.  She is now going back to retroactively correct those forms.  That is truly bad.

It's funny that all this happened because McCaskill tried to use a phony attack on the Attorney General to embarrass the Trump Administration.  Still, it's a good thing that Missouri voters will have this information when they vote on McCaskill's re-election efforts in 2018 (if she even bothers to run.)

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