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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lies About Islamophobia Hurt Us All

There are a series of rallies across America today to oppose sharia law and radical Islamic terrorism.  The organization in charge of the rallies, Act For America, has been around for at least a decade.  It has been a strong voice against the strain of Islam that supports the terrorists.

The most interesting thing about Act For America is how stridently the left denounces it.  Act For America has been designated a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  For the average person, this is a major indictment.  For those familiar with the SPLC, it just means that the group has a view on racial or religious matters different from the ultra-leftwing SPLC.  Indeed, the SPLC stopped being a civil rights group decades ago and morphed into a leftwing pressure group.  The media also constantly calls Act For America a "hate group" or an "anti-Muslim" group.  Usually, the media cites the SPLC when they make such charges.  So the leftwing media cites the leftwing SPLC to label Act For America Islamophobic and hateful.

Here's the problem with all this which is almost never disclosed.  Act For America was started by a Lebanese Arab woman who fled Lebanon after the civil war there and settled in the USA.  She is a Maronite Christian who suffered through the constant attacks during the civil war.  Contrary to the media statements, she is clear that the goal of her group is to fight against those in the Islamic communities around the world who support radical Islamic terrorism.  Her usual message is focused on moderate Muslims to root out the terror supporters from the Islamic community.

So think about that.  Why is it a hate group if it is trying to prevent terrorism?  Is it hate to point out that the people carrying out radical Islamic terrorism happen to be Muslims?  Is it Islamophobia if the focus is on those who support terror?  Remember, the left tells us often that the terrorists are not really Muslims.  How many times did president Obama announce that the "extremists" were not really Islamic?  So if Act For America is fighting against people who the left says are not really Islamic, how can that same left tell us that doing so is Islamophobia.  It makes no sense, but that never stops the left.

I don't know enough about Act For America to endorse or condemn their rallies today.  It seems to me, however, that the media doesn't either.  Perhaps it would make more sense to hear what the group says in its rallies and then judge the relative value of their message.

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