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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Shootings in Alexandria -- Can the Democrats Stop With the Hate Finally?

This morning a guy with a rifle attacked a group of Congressmen and their aides who were at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia practicing for the upcoming annual charity game in which the GOP members play baseball against the Democrat members.  Fortunately, because one of those present, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, is majority whip, he has a security detail from the Capitol Police who were there.  The security people were armed and returned fire once the gunman opened up on those on the field.  According to reports, between 50 an 100 shots were fired.  At least one congressman was shot along with and aide and two of the Capitol Police.  The attacker is also said to have been shot.  According to the latest reports, all of the victims are in stable condition.

We don't know the identity yet of the shooter.  We do know that one congressman who was leaving the field early to go to a meeting met the gunman as he departed and the gunman asked, "Are those Democrats or Republicans on the field?"  That seems to indicate that the goal of the shooter was to hit GOP members of Congress.

Why would someone decide to shoot Republican members of Congress?  The answer, sadly enough, comes right out of the rhetoric used by the Democrats.  Republicans and Democrats don't disagree on policy according to the Democrats.  No, Republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic according to the Democrats.  Republicans aren't trying to improve healthcare according to Democrats; they're willing to let millions die in order to give a tax break to the rich.  Republicans aren't trying to get the economy moving according to Democrats; they're trying to destroy the environment just to help the wealthy.  So much of the Democrats' rhetoric is aimed squarely at the supposed moral depravity of the GOP.  In the last election, the only real position that the Democrats took was that President Trump was sub-human.

The problem with all this is that it is a lie.  I know it.  Most of the Democrats who spout this hate know it.  But many people across America don't know it.  They think that these lies are real.  That's why a crazy like today's shooter could make a decision to try to kill Republican members of Congress.

It's too early to know for sure what happened today or why.  It's not too early for the Democrats to stop their hateful rhetoric and to calm down.  The path we are on right now will surely lead to some crazies who want to take retaliation for today.  Can't you hear them?  "They shot at our congressmen; we need to take out some of theirs."  It's bringing out the worst in people.  It needs to stop before someone actually gets killed.  Let's hope sensible people can prevail.

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