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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Cutting Edge

Have you heard what have the Democrats in the Senate been saying about the Republican healthcare bill?  If you have been listening to them, you have learned that the GOP bill slashes Medicaid funding.  It cuts that program by so much that it will leave people to die.  This is not just what some moronic Democrat like Chris Murphy says; it is also what the intelligent Democrats have been saying.  The problem is that it is completely untrue; it is a knowing lie.

Here's the reality:  Under the Republican bill, funding for Medicaid is INCREASING each year for the next ten years.  When you increase something, it is hard to call that "slashing" the funding, as the Democrats have been doing.  With more money for Medicaid, it is hard to see how that leaves people to die.

What the Democrats are doing is the old Washington con job.  They want the funding to increase even faster than the GOP bill would do.  As a result, the Democrats say that the slower level of increase is a major "cut" in spending (except it isn't.)

There is nothing wrong with debating the merits of the healthcare bill.  That debate ought to be honest, however.  It seems that honesty is just too much for the Democrats to accept.  Once again, rather than debate the merits, the Democrats instead are arguing that Republicans want to leave the poor to die.  It may be that the argument works well in sound bites; nevertheless, they are doing a terrible disservice to the country by framing the argument by telling lies. 

We need to spread the truth.

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