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Monday, June 5, 2017

Is It Still Too Soon?

The police in the UK have now identified two of the three terrorists -- excuse me, perpetrators -- of the London attacks.  Oh my, excuse me again; they're the alleged perpetrators.  The two are Kuram Shazam Butt who was born in Pakistan but is a UK citizen and Rachid Redouane who is said to be either Libyan or Moroccan.  Both of them were shot dead by armed police as they were stabbing people.

Now I don't want to upset anyone by calling this an attack by Islamic terrorists, so I'm wondering if it is still too soon according to the media "experts" to say that that is what happened in London.

Seriously, I still find it appalling that the media and the so called "experts" bend over backwards to try to find some reason, any reason to call an attack by Islamic terrorists something other than what it obviously is.  No doubt, we will continue to hear discussion as to whether or not these were a group of lone wolves or terrorists with ties to ISIS (as if those were separate things.)

Most people are awake to the danger we face from the terrorists.  For some reason, though, the left/media just cannot accept that danger.  For them, the more important goal is political correctness.  All I can say to them is "Wake up!!!!!!!"

Right now, it's much more important to focus on how we can fight the Islamic terrorists than to worry about what President Trump tweeted in the last 24 hours.  We know Trump is on board for the fight.  Instead of wasting energy focusing on unimportant tweets, let's focus on destroying ISIS and this entire religion/ideology.

Okay, I said destroy the "entire religion".  Be aware that I don't mean destroy Islam.  I'm only speaking about the brand of Islam that preaches hate, death for infidels, and terrorism.  As far as I'm concerned, that is unacceptable and has to be stopped.

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