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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jumping To Conclusions?

I've had enough of the sanctimonious media telling not to jump to conclusions about terror attacks.  Last night, terrorism struck again in London.  It was known very quickly that three people in a van drove into a crowd on London Bridge and that was followed by a second attack at a nearby market where multiple attackers were using knives to stab pedestrians to death -- at least until the armed police shot and killed the attackers. 

The smug "experts" on from the network news divisions didn't call this terrorism at first.  It was too soon to tell, or so they said.  Let's see, by an hour after the attack we knew the following:

1.  The attack with a truck plowing into pedestrians on the sidewalk was method used in many other terror attacks by ISIS.

2.  The use of knives to attack innocent pedestrians is another hallmark of recent terror attacks in Europe.

3.  The fact that three people carried out the attacks means the likelihood that this was carried out by a mentally ill individual was essential zero.

4.  There was no pattern to the attack; people were hit at random.  This ruled out a group of attackers targeting some particular group.  Again, this is a hallmark of terrorism, particularly Islamic terrorism.

5.  It is still Ramadan, and ISIS has called for terror attacks across the West during that month.

6.  There were reports that the attackers at the market shouted words of praise to Allah as they slashed their victims.

At that point, the networks were still unsure if this was terrorism.  NBC News even refused to repeat a tweet from President Trump because he called it Islamic terrorism and NBC had not yet "confirmed" that.  A statement by the president was squelched by NBC!

The comparison to the recent events in Portland is worth noting.  In Oregon, a man started yelling at two Muslim women on public transportation.  When the man made threatening moves towards the women, some other riders intervened.  The man who was shouting fought with the others trying to protect the two women and some were killed in the melee.  Amazingly, within an hour of that attack, the media was telling us that the attacker was a right wing crazy whose attack was inspired by President Trump.  When it turned later that the attacker was actually a Bernie Sanders supporter, the media almost skipped that news entirely.  They already knew that this was Islamophobia incited by the President-- except it wasn't.

No one can have faith in the media if they cannot report the facts.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it's a duck.  It is not insulting or insensitive or improper to call Islamic terrorism by what it is, "Islamic terrorism."

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