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Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Liberal Media Really Have Lost Their Minds

Tonight we have the horror of the London attacks.  As I write this, the news says that three people in a vehicle ran down numerous pedestrians on London Bridge and caused severe injuries or deaths.  Then, when the vehicle was stopped, the three got out and began to stab anyone they could reach.  Meanwhile at another location in London a second attack took place.  It's a terrible terrorist attack.

Then there's the media reaction which is unhinged at best.  President Trump tweeted about the terror attack and NBC News responded that it would not repeat the President's message because the nature of the attack as a terror attack was "unconfirmed."  Three people acting together run down a crowd and then jump out and begin stabbing.  What is that if not terrorism?  Perhaps NBC thinks it might turn out to be nothing more than an allergy attack?  Maybe the people all work nearby and it's just workplace violence.  Are they kidding?

Next, MSNBC questions a guest on air if the London police are overreacting to the attack.  We have what appears to be multiple fatalities in a coordinated multi-site attack and MSNBC is worried if the police are overreacting.  Aside from using nuclear weapons, how could the police overreact to such an attack?  If you're a liberal in the media, however, the police are always at fault; thus we get the crazy question.

Then we have the CNN host who ignores the London attack but instead attacks President Trump for talking about how we need to keep terrorists out of the USA with his travel ban.  It's as if the deaths in the UK don't matter at all, but only the chance to take a shot at Trump counts.

It's really time that the wait and see attitude in the media end.  When there's a terrorist attack, there's no need for three days of hand-wringing before it can be called a terrorist attack.  I'm glad we finally have a president who is not afraid to speak the truth rather than waiting for the "investigation" to be completed.  Think about it.  After the Manchester attack, how many of the liberal media outlets told us that this was likely a "lone wolf"?  When British police arrested over a dozen people for assisting in the attack, where were the media people who told us that they had been wrong.  It hadn't been a lone wolf.  I guess they would tell us it had been a pack of lone wolves.

The media liberals have just lost their minds.

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fastcarken said...

Wonder what OUR main stream media would say IF Terrorists attacked their NEWSROOMS or BOMBED Their Offices and Studios?