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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ending The Korean War and Other Fantasies

The New York Times has printed a column calling for the end of the Korean War.  Really, the paper of record is now printing fantasy.

Think about ending the Korean War for a moment.  The fighting stopped for the most part in 1953.  No peace treaty was ever signed, however; there was just a cease fire agreement.  That means that there is still a technical state of war between the two sides.

That was the easy part; now let's face the real issue.  Simply put, there is no one with whom to make a peace agreement.  Can you imagine sitting down with Kim Jung Un to discuss a peace treaty?  The demands from the NKs would probably include control of South Korea as well as ceding Hawaii and maybe California.  While there are those who may thing that getting rid of California would be a good thing, there is no way that thoughtful people could possibly expect any positive outcome from discussions of a peace treaty with the NKs.

In many ways, the Times point of view is similar to things that get said about the Arab Israeli conflict.  Often times people call on the Israelis to make sacrifices for peace.  The problem, however, is that you can't make peace if only one side is interested in the effort.  Remember what happened when president Obama declared that there was peace in Iraq.  We got ISIS, we got renewed fighting, and we got thousands upon thousands of casualties.


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