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Thursday, June 8, 2017

It Really Is Falling Apart

Chris Matthews of MSNBC said today after the Comey hearings ended that it seems as if the entire Trump/Russia collusion scandal had just collapsed.  He went on to say that Comey made clear that General Flynn had not held improper communications with the Russians.  That means that there is nothing that General Flynn could testify about that could somehow incriminate President Trump.  On top of the Comey confirmed that despite all the media to the contrary there was no investigation of President Trump and further that Trump himself said that it would be good to find out if any of his "satellites" (meaning people who worked on his campaign) had done anything improper.  So Trump wanted a complete investigation, did nothing to impede that investigation, and the only possible witness who could have something incriminating to say did nothing wrong himself.

To say the least, the whole Trump/Russia conspiracy theory was mortally wounded this morning.

I doubt if the media will back off from its non-stop attack on the President.  Nevertheless, it is god to know that even some media people now realize that there's really nothing there.  Indeed, the articles no longer even talk about obstruction of justice.  The new line is that Trump "abused" his power by firing Comey or that Trump did not speak appropriately to Comey.  That's like realizing that a guy charged with murder is actually innocent but then changing the charge from murder to littering.

I can't wait for this nonsense to end.

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