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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's Would Be A Win For America, Not For President Trump

If you really want to get angry, consider reading an article in The Hill which reports that Democrats in Congress have decided not to cooperate with President Trump and the Republicans in a plan to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.  The President is rolling out various pieces of the plan at events this week.  It has long been said that rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure was one area for which there could be bipartisan cooperation.  After all, a new bridge or a rebuilt airport is something that most Americans can appreciate and which is needed to keep the economy moving.  According to the report in The Hill, however, the Democrats have decided that they do not want to cooperate to give President Trump a "win".

This position is just beyond idiot.  It's actually disgusting to think that the Democrats would rather sit by and watch roads, bridges, hospitals, airports and the like fall into disrepair because they want to hurt the President.  According to The Hill report, the Democrats don't mind inflicting pain on the American people if it will help their political position.  Whatever happened to public service?  Didn't these yoyos get sent to Washington to help the nation?  There can be differences on what work should be done or on how to fund that work.  Those differences can be worked out by good faith negotiation.  There cannot, however, be an entire political party that sees its own success as more important than the success of the USA.  The Democrats should be ashamed!

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