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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Now We Have Number 3

The third Islamic terrorist who carried out the London attack has been identified.  He is Youssef Zagba who held both Moroccan and Italian passports.  Zagba had been arrested last year in Italy as he was boarding a plane to Turkey where he was going in order to join ISIS in Syria.

In other news, CNN is still wondering if the attack on London Bridge by the three was just workplace violence.  MSNBC is covering the possibility that the terror attack was just a move by the Russians to take attention away from this week's testimony by former FBI director Comey.  The New York Times is reporting that the three terrorists were driven to carry out the attack by man-made global warming.  It seems that each of the three had been forced to pay electricity bills last summer which were 3% higher than the previous year (for air conditioning costs), and the prospect of another summer like that was too much for them to face.  The Washington Post is reporting that unnamed sources high in the US government have shown a reporter one paragraph of a seventeen page classified memo that says that the British government was planning on fomenting a terror attack because Queen Elizabeth II enjoys visiting the victims in hospital.  Then there are stories at Slate and Vox, but those are just ridiculous propaganda.


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