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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lift Up Your Eyes

We need a prophet in Washington who can tell Congress and the media to lift up their eyes.  We know that the Comey hearings are all consuming in DC.  It seems that there is everything but people selling commemorative lapel pins at the hearing.  The problem, of course, is that the hearing is just not that important.  We know the basic outline of what Comey will say from his pre-released statement.  He says nothing about finding collusion or cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia, and most people remember that this is the supposed basis for the entire investigation.  He confirms that he told the President three different times that he (the President) was not under investigation and that he offered the information without being asked.  He confirms that the President never tried to interfere with the Russia investigation and, instead, stated that it would be a good thing to find out if there had been anyone associated with his campaign who had improperly dealt with the Russians.  Finally, he confirms that within hours of firing General Flynn, the President said to him that Flynn was a good guy but he had to go because he lied to the Vice President, and also that he hoped Comey could let the investigation of Flynn for what he said about his conversation with the Russian ambassador go.  You can spin from today til tomorrow, but that is not obstruction of justice.  So we will see a spectacle all day, but it will be much like yesterday's hearings where the head of the NSA and the DNI confirmed that they had never been pressured or asked to curtail any investigation.  It will end up with still no proof of collusion or cooperation and still no instance of obstruction of justice.

But now to the main point:  There is an extremely important election in the UK today.  There was a terror attack in Iran yesterday for which the Iranians are already blaming the Saudis and the USA rather than ISIS which claimed credit for the attack.  There is even more turmoil than usual in Korea with the NKs launching missiles and the South Korean leader putting a hold on the THAAD system.  This is what is important today, not the Comey hearing.  But it seems sometimes that no one in DC pays any attention to these other things.

Outside of DC, there are those who care about Comey, but it is nothing like the circus in DC.  Those of us out here in the real world understand what is important.  Hopefully, some day the media and the politicians will wake up.

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