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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Comey Statement

After weeks and months of speculation, we now have an account from former FBI director Comey of every conversation he ever had with President Trump.  It is in the form of a written statement

To use the latest word for these things, Comey's account is a nothingburger.  According to Comey, the most that Trump did was to tell Comey that General Flynn did nothing wrong on Flynn's call to the Russian ambassador and then to say to Comey that he hoped Comey could let this go.  Comey says he did not understand that to be a request by Trump to stop or interfere with the FBI investigation into Russia or possible Russian links to his campaign.  In other words, Comey's testimony will be a big disappointment to the Democrats who scream about obstruction of justice.

On top of this, Comey confirms that he told President Trump on multiple occasions that Trump was not being investigated by the FBI.  Comey also says that when he passed on this news to the President it was at Comey's initiative; President Trump did not ask about it.  This again is a big blow to the morons screaming about obstruction of justice.

Comey does say that President Trump asked Comey to try to get the news media to understand that there was no FBI investigation of Trump.  Comey told President Trump that the proper channel to do that would be through the Justice Department, and Trump said he would try that route.

Earlier today, the head of the NSA and the Director of National Intelligence both testified at a senate committee meeting that they had not been pressured or directed to stop or limit or even modify in any way investigations regarding the whole Trump/Russia matter -- or any other matter. 

With this testimony, another path being followed by the media Democrat complex to attack President Trump has just died.  No doubt they will try spin this into yet another scandal somehow.  The problem is that absent any proof of collusion or coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians and absent any proof of obstruction of justice, there's nothing left to pursue.

Maybe now the morons in the media/Democrat complex can focus on something other than this silly conspiracy theory.

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