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Friday, June 2, 2017

Must Be A Slow Day; Welre Back To Chaos

Reuters is out with an article tonight that unnamed "sources" say that the search by President Trump and his administration for a new director for the FBI is being handled in a chaotic fashion.  Translating this story into plain English, we learn that the mainstream media has run out of stories about Trump to try to make into scandals, so they are forced to go back to their old standby, namely that whatever Trump does is chaotic.  According to the media, Trump's campaign announcement was chaotic, his primary campaign was chaotic, his preparation for the GOP convention was chaotic, his convention itself was chaotic, the campaign against Hillary was chaotic, and then he won the election and the media was left in chaos.  By a few days after the election, we were being told that the transition team was chaotic.  After the inauguration, everything Trump has done has been chaotic according to the media.  Now it's the search for a new leader for the FBI.

It's truly amazing that there are so many sources at the White House who are willing to criticize the President.  The way the mainstream media plays the game, out of every five employees in the White House eleven are secret unnamed sources for stories the media runs all the time. 

Even the mainstream media, however, runs out of lies on some days.  Today was such a day, so we got back to chaos.

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