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Friday, June 2, 2017

None of It is Going To Work Kathy

The saga of the self-destruction of Kathy Griffin continues.  First she published an image of herself standing like some ISIS executioner holding the severed and bloody head of President Trump.  This pose was meant to provoke a reaction, and it certainly did that.  People on both the right and the left condemned Griffin for her disgusting photo.  President Trump said that Griffin ought to be ashamed and complained about the terrible effect the photo had on his 11 year old son Barron.  As the uproar grew, Griffin lost her endorsement deal with Squatty Potty.  Then a day later, CNN severed ties with her.  The next day a series of upcoming shows were cancelled due to the outrage.  Essentially no one in public life agreed with what Griffin did, except for senator Al Franken.

That brings us to today's news.  Griffin and her lawyer held a news conference at which Griffin tried to claim that she was a victim.  The "vicious" response from the President and his family was her first target.  Think about that.  Griffin posts a photo of her holding the head of a dead President Trump and he responds by saying she should be ashamed of her actions.  That's pretty far from a vicious response.  I guess to Griffin it's vicious because he was (gasp!) criticizing her.  Only she is allowed to criticize others, I guess.

Griffin did not stop there.  She said that old white guys were trying to ruin her career and that none of this would have happened if she were a man.  Really?  She did all this herself, by herself and to herself.  She calls it comedy, but it wasn't funny, just disgusting.

Griffin ended her press conference by saying that Trump had broken her; she would no longer have a career.  Let's be honest; she didn't have much of a career before this all happened.  Nevertheless, let's all hope she's right; I would really like it if I never had to see or hear about Kathy Griffin again.

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