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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Now It's The Way He's Making the Announcement

This morning I heard a news report about the impending announcement by President Trump of his decision on the Paris climate accords.  The expectation is that the President will announce an American withdrawal from the agreement.  That's not a big deal since the Paris agreements were never submitted by president Obama to the Senate for ratification, and they have no legal effect as a result.  It's also not a big deal since the Paris agreements themselves have no enforcement mechanism, compliance with the goals in the agreements is strictly voluntary.  Further, it seems that most Americans now are of the view that in a choice between an unenforceable agreement and American jobs, the preferable course is to promote American jobs.  All of this presents a problem for the media.  They can't just lament the withdrawal from the Paris agreements; it won't play well.  As a result, the new focus is on the way that President Trump is making the announcement.  He is holding an event to do so late this morning.  CBS News said it was Trump treating this "like a game show." 

How very un-Presidential!  At least that's what CBS wanted the audience to hear.  Then I heard the same take on another network.  At least they all have today's talking points down.

The reality is that this is really a non-event.  America has cut its emissions by far more than any other country in the world.  This has been done despite opposition from many environmentalists to the one thing (fracking) which has made the cuts possible.  That process will continue, with or without Paris.


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