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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Media Takes Itself Too Seriously

Last night President Trump sent out a tweet that read, "Despite the negative press covfefe".

A number of hours later, the tweet was deleted and replaced with one in which President Trump asked who could figure out what "covfefe" means.

For the media, it was as if aliens had landed on the mall in DC.  What did this tweet signify?  What could it mean?  Was it a signal to the Russians?

At today's press briefing, Sean Spicer was immediately asked about the tweet.  Did it mean anything?  Spicer said that, of course, the tweet had meaning, but just to a select small group of people.  Some of the reporters laughed, but many more were incredulous or --the old standby -- outraged by the answer.

The media needs to get over themselves.  Trump sent a tweet with a mistake which looks like it went out by accident.  When the White House realized the mistake, they turned the whole thing into a joke.  The press is just too damn serious to laugh.  All I can say about it can be summed up in one word:  COVFEFE!!!!!

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