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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Why Wasn't This Covered?

Do you remember all the coverage of the angry reception that some Republicans got from local anti-Trump Democrats at town halls a few months ago?  We had wall to wall coverage of two or three events where the Dems packed the town halls and then tried to shout down the member of congress or senator.  Five days ago, a similar thing happened at a town hall held by a Democrat in California.  The representative had to retreat from her own town hall to a small room in which armed guards only admitted a few supporters who they could identify as such.  It was a raucous meeting at first and the congresswoman fled as the crowd shouted support for President Trump.  Many of the Trump supporters even followed to the second room and stood outside and chanted "let us it" as the tiny meeting inside tried to move ahead.

If you want to see the video of the meeting, the link is here

I don't think it makes sense for people on either side to disrupt events like this town hall, but that's not the important point.  There was absolutely no coverage by the media of what happened at this town hall.  There were media representatives present, but the anger at the congresswoman was not reported anywhere.  Indeed, if you search the internet for this story, it is not on any mainstream media news site.

If there was wall to wall coverage when the GOP members of congress were met with angry crowds, there ought to be similar coverage when it happens to a Democrat.  It just proves that the mainstream media feeds us Fake News.

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