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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

On D Day, Let's Discuss Veterans Since The Media Won't

Here's an important question to consider:  did you hear this week that the Secretary of Veterans' Affairs announce a major improvement for the nation's VA hospitals?  After years of chaos and ever-increasing waiting times for care during the Obama administration, the VA system is going to get a new computer system that will handle all aspects of scheduling and record keeping.  The current system at the VA is so antiquated that it could hardly keep track of appointments.  The Secretary announced the system and explained its benefits in detail.  In a smart move, the VA is going to use a system already installed at the Defense Department.  In that way, records of active duty servicemen and women can be forwards right to the VA when the soldier, sailor, etc. leaves active service.

The benefits of the new system are many.  Here are just a few:  it will be much more unlikely for any person to fall through the cracks in the system.  There will no longer be patients who get forgotten as there have been until now.  Second, it will become impossible for the administrators in the system to issue phony reports about the success or failure of the system to meet its goal of prompt care for veterans.  Problem spots can be quickly identified and corrective measures taken (unlike now.)  Third, once the system is up and running, providing care should be done more quickly and in a less expensive way.

Now for those of you who remember the Obamacare exchange and the billion dollar system which does not yet work as intended even today, let's be clear that switching systems has the problem that it could lead to disaster.  The use of the system already installed at DOD, however, will greatly reduce the chances of problems being encountered.  Also, we really have no choice; we cannot continue to use the old outmoded system any more than the army can fight with cavalry instead of tanks.

So this is big news.  It should be a major positive step towards getting our veterans the care they deserve.  Where's the coverage of this?  Why didn't the media discuss this?  Why is the media focused only on nonsense?  Don't the American people deserve to know about this?

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