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Thursday, April 27, 2017

A victory For Those Who Oppose Free Speech

In Portland, Oregon, the Antifa groups won a victory of sorts when the annual Rose Festival Parade got cancelled.  The parade is an event held to kick off the city-wide festival.  One of the groups scheduled to march in this year's parade was the local Republican party.  That led to the Antifa groups sending anonymous threats to the parade organizers that they would attack the parade and the GOP marchers if the group was allowed to participate.  After multiple threats, parade organizers called off the entire event.  No one will get to march.  Organizers said that they could not go ahead with the event if they could not guarantee the safety of those marching.

Think of what is happening.  The crazies on the left are using threats of violence to shut down people's constitutional right of assembly.  First we had violence in response to the Trump campaign which turned out to be bought and paid for by big bucks Democrats.  Then we had violence to protest Trump's victory as if that protest would change the outcome.  Then we had a great many instances of these same Antifa nut jobs preventing people from speaking at college campuses and elsewhere.  Through all of these events, the authorities have done little to prevent the problems from continuing.  Now we have the scope of the Antifa attack on the Constitution expanding.  They threaten to attack a parade?  It's an outrage, and it needs action to end it.

First of all, whoever sent the threats to the parade is guilty of criminal assault; they threatened physical violence.  The perpetrators should be identified and then prosecuted.  Next, at future speeches or parades or wherever else the Antifa threats are made, there should be a show of force by the police to dissuade the Antifa groups from continuing their criminal behavior.  Should the Antifa attack anyway, they should all be apprehended and arrested.  Once arrested, their prosecution should proceed to conviction.  Spending some time in prison ought to dampen down the zeal of those who seek to deny others their constitutional rights.

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