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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

You Decide

Consider this:  a person from another country enters the USA illegally.  Then while here, that person commits a felony and gets convicted and imprisoned.  When the prison term ends, that criminal is deported.

Here's the first question:  do you want that criminal coming back into the USA?  No sane person would want that.  Indeed, polls show that something like 90% of voters do not want a criminal who has already been deported to be allowed back into the USA.

Here's the second question:  should there be a penalty other than being deported again for that criminal should he or she come back into the USA illegally?  In other words, should American law be structured so that there is a deterrent to the re-entry of the previously deported criminal?

Kate's law is exactly that deterrent.  It provides a prison term for any illegal alien convicted of a felony and then deported who re-enters the USA illegally.  It seems like a reasonable law for Congress to pass.  After all, we don't want criminals re-entering the country.

I only ask these questions after reading an article about the departure of Bill O'Reilly from Fox News in which the reporter criticized O'Reilly for his campaign to get Kate's Law passed.  The reporter called Kate's Law "anti-immigrant".  How bizarre and how uneducated!  It's not anti-immigrant to keep previously deported felons out of the country.  No, it's pro-safety for American citizens.  It's pro-common sense. 

Laws that limit illegal entry into the USA are not anti-immigrant.  Immigrants come to this country LEGALLY. 

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