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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Crazies Are Even Crazier Today

In the aftermath of the cruise missile attack on a Syrian air base, the crazies are even crazier.  Here's a sample:

An MSNBC host actually tweeted this: 

Wouldn't it be nice if it was impossible to suspect Putin ok'd Assad's gas attack so Trump could fire missiles & change the subject in USA?

This is such bizarre BS, you would think this guy would be checking into a mental hospital rather than hosting a show each night on national TV.  Of course, maybe I shouldn't be so smug; after all, I may have given him the idea.  As the missiles were striking their targets, I joined a Twitter conversation about how the attack would end the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense by tweeting out this message of how the media/Democrat complex would respond:

Next: attack on Syria was designed to cover up Trump - Russia collusion. Remember facts don't matter if they conflict with the narrative.

Then there are the crazies who think that the Syria attack was the result of a hoax; in other words, there was no gas attack by the Assad forces.  After all, they say, Assad was winning.  Why would he launch a gas attack now?  It never fails to amaze me when people think that there is a conspiracy by the US government, the UN inspectors who confirm the gas attack, the NGO's on the ground in Syria who did the same, the Turkish doctors whose autopsies confirmed death by a nerve agent, and the rebels themselves who confirm with video the attack.  We get media leaks in Washington by people in a group of five or six who have a secret.  The conspiracy these nut jobs are promoting would involve thousands upon thousands of people, but without any leaks.  These people need help.

Let's hope reality makes a comeback.

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