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Friday, April 14, 2017

Now They Think They Get to Pick The Truth

Truth is not a multiple choice question.  Some things are true and others are false, no matter which one you choose.  I was reminded of that just now when I heard an interview on CBS with Peter Baker, a White House correspondent for the New York Times.  Baker was asked about people in the Trump administration who go in and out of favor.  Baker said that it was absolutely something that happens.  He cited how Steve Bannon is going, how Sean Spicer was going, How Reince Priebus was going, and how Kellyane Conway was going.  No one but Trump's family is safe, it seems (at least according to Baker.)

Think about that.  When stories were stuck into the mainstream media that Spicer was going, the White House denied them and Spicer is still there.  When similar stories were reported regarding Conway and Priebus leaving, there were similar denials and both are still there.  Now we hear Bannon is going, but guess what, he's still there.  In other words, all the "proof" from the New York Times reporter was nothing more than mainstream media stories that turned out to be wrong.  Indeed, if it were just one story, I would assume it was a mistake.  Since it is the umpteenth story about "chaos" in the Trump campaign, transition team and White House, it is Fake News.  For all the supposed chaos in the campaign, Trump won and the super-organized juggernaut that was the Clinton campaign lost.  The supposedly chaotic transition team got Trump into the White House with fine selections for his cabinet.  The now "chaotic" White House staff has managed to help Trump carry out a raft of campaign promises.  The hold ups have come when Congress has gotten involved, and that will get ironed out.

Just because a person works for the New York Times, he doesn't get to make up his own "truth".  The late senator Moynihan of New York famously said that a person can choose his political positions, but he cannot choose the facts.  Someone ought to get that news to the New York Times.

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