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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Will Election Make The UK Stronger?

British PM May has called a snap election for Parliament for the first week of June.  As of now, her Conservative party is 21 percentage points ahead of the second place Labour party, so it is likely that they will win big.  Right now, the Tories have a small majority in Parliament.  If the election vastly increases the size of that majority, Britain will have a much more stable government that should likely last the full five years of its mandate.  What will this mean?

First, May is correct that this will strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations.  She will be able to come to the negotiations while knowing that her position in Westminster is secure.  It ought to let her take strong positions without worrying about sniping back in London.

Second, the British economy should also be helped.  UK businesses will know that the policies followed by May will most likely be in place for five years.  That allows better planning and should translate into more growth.

Third, it should be the end of the line for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.  His leadership has been a disaster for Labour.  It will be good to see him go.

Of course, May still has to win the upcoming election.  Remembering last November in the USA and the Brexit vote itself, quite often sure election results don't turn out that way.  We will see.

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