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Sunday, April 30, 2017

One Final Note on the Climate March

Yesterday saw the Climate March in a number of cities across the country.  Some gatherings were large, most not so much.  But here are just a few questions that have to be asked about the march.

1.  What policies regarding climate were the marchers supporting?  If you don't know the specific policies, then the march was a flop.  More important, if (as is the case) most of the marchers don't know the specific policies, then the march was a sham.

2.  What do the marchers think of the scientific data that demonstrates that the computer models which predict man made global warming are clearly wrong?  The existence of this data is a fact, not an argument.  The data does not necessarily mean that man made global warming is not happening (although it might), just that no one has yet been able to gauge that it is underway or the speed of the warming.  If the marchers refuse to consider this data, then the march is nothing but a big waste of time.  Indeed, if the marchers don't accept the data, then whatever policies they favor can only be described as nonsense.

3.  How many of the marchers understand that ice at the planetary poles plus that in Greenland has been growing in volume over the last few years?  That additional ice results in a LOWERING of sea levels across the globe.  In other words, how many marchers understand that the "inconvenient truth" is that Al Gore was totally wrong?

4.  How many of the marchers have given up their cars for public transportation?  How many have turned down the heat in the winter or the AC in the summer to reduce energy consumption?  In other words, how many of the marchers have actually done what they themselves could to reduce their carbon footprint?  If they haven't taken such steps, then why should anyone listen to them?

These are not casual questions.  They are extremely important.  Policy is not something that should be considered in a vacuum.  It is not enough to march or make a speech and then do nothing.  We've just finished eight years of that.  It's time for the BS and public posturing to end.  Will these marchers really do anything?

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