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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Media Machine Goes Into Overdrive

It's an amazing thing to watch.  The mainstream media machine has gone into overdrive to attack Sean Hannity.  A woman who was a guest twice on the old Hannity and Colmes program 15 years ago, told a radio interviewer that Sean made "uncomfortable" advances towards her while on assignment in Detroit.  Hannity responded to the statement by denying it completely and pointing out that this same woman had previously made false allegations about him with regard to his work raising money for the Freedom Alliance, a group that helps children of soldiers killed in action or severely wounded.  That charity itself put forth proof at the time that the charges leveled by the woman were false.  Now, the woman herself is walking back her claims.  She had said that Hannity kept her off of his program after the event, but that turned out not to be true.  In fact, even though she wasn't a Fox News Contributor (who are the frequent guests), she still was on Hannity and Colmes again some six months after the supposed event for her second appearance.  Today, she said that she wasn't accusing Hannity of sexual harassment and that he wasn't guilty of it.

So how has this been covered by the mainstream media?  After all, it is an allegation of something other than sexual harassment by a woman who has gotten caught telling lies about Hannity previously.  If you guess that the media is playing it up big as yet another Fox News host caught with problems with sexual harassment, you would be correct.  The story is all over the place.  Most coverage doesn't even mention all the facts such as the woman's other lies about Hannity or her problems with lies about others beside Hannity.

I'm not a big fan of litigation, but this is one time that I hope Sean Hannity sues.  This is not a mistake by this woman.  This is an intentional grab for media attention.  She should pay the price for slandering him.

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