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Friday, April 28, 2017

Let's Beat the Misinformation For Once

An event is coming which will lead to all sorts of misinformation (Fake News, if you prefer) in the mainstream media.  The Israeli government will shortly announce a plan to build 15,000 new homes in Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and its population has been growing rapidly.  The need for new homes is great.  The announcement of the government action has been made preliminarily and will be finalized within the next week or two.  The new homes will be spread throughout much of the Jerusalem metropolitan area.

Without a doubt, these new apartments will be called "obstacles to peace" by the left and the mainstream media, no matter what the actual facts are.  For these people, half of Jerusalem is a "settlement" so any home built in that portion of the city is likewise a "settlement".  The media is still following the destructive policy of the Obama years when the president elevated the issue of settlements as the single most important one in the whole Arab-Israeli conflict.  The Palestinians did not have to negotiated towards peace because they had the USA under Obama continually putting pressure on Israel to keep certain portions of its own capital free of Jews.  The left may have frequently compared Bush to Hitler (and now Trump to Hitler), but it was Obama who actually carried out policies designed to make certain areas "Judenrein" or free of Jews as the Nazis wanted.

It's important to understand the truth here.  In 1967, Jordan attack Israel and the Israelis counterattacked an took both Jerusalem and the West Bank.  That makes Israeli control of that land both legal and proper under international law.  Israel reunited the city of Jerusalem which had been divided (like Berlin) from 1949 to 1967.  All the inhabitants of the portion of Jerusalem that was won by Israel were offered Israeli citizenship at that time.  The newly won portions of the city were formally annexed by Israel nearly fifty years ago.  Since then, all people -- whether Jews, Christians or Moslems have been free to live wherever they want in Jerusalem.  This is as it should be.  The new homes are not for one group or another; they are for the city residents. 

Some of the new homes will be just a few blocks from Israel's parliament building or from the Israeli Supreme Court or the office of the Prime Minister.  Only in the totally distorted view of the anti-settlement crowd could such homes be considered an obstacle to peace.  These are not "settlements"; they are just new apartments in all neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

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