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Sunday, April 16, 2017

More Fear and War Mongering From the Media

The Sun newspaper in Britain is reporting in blaring headlines that the explosion of the North Korean missile upon launch Sunday morning was likely the result of American cyber warfare.  If you read the article (don't waste your time), you would learn that the basis for that story is a British official from 20 years ago who says that the USA likely has the capability to do that.  He has no knowledge that it actually happened.  He doesn't even know for certain that America could have done it.  Nevertheless, anyone reading the article would now believe that America blew up the NK missile.

I don't expect much from the media, but spread fear and discussing suspicions of attacks as if they actually happened goes way too far.  Kim Jung Un is a crazy man; no one really disagrees with that.  If he thinks that he has been attacked by the USA in a cyber war, he very well could retaliate.  Remember, when the missile blew up, Kim could have blamed his scientists and engineers.  He could have executed a few of them to save face.  On the other hand, if he believes this was an American attack, he may feel compelled to strike back at the USA, something that could lead to an actual shooting war and hundreds of thousands of people dead.

Simply put, the morons in the media should limit themselves to facts.  I realize that often the media disputes what the actual facts are; nevertheless, when the media knows (as here) that the facts are unclear at best, it should just shut up for once.

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