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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bret Stephens and the NY Times Boycott

In case you've missed this, you need to take a look at what is happening with the NY Times and its new columnist Bret Stephens.  A few days back Stephens wrote a piece on climate change.  His basic point was that we need to examine all the evidence to try to understand what is actually happening with the climate.  Stephens pointed out that the data that has been gathered shows conclusively that the computer models that many have used to predict global warming are incorrect.  In other words, during the twenty years following the introduction of those computer models, they were unable to predict what the climate actually did.  There was much less warming, many fewer storms (rather than more) and more ice buildup rather than ice loss as predicted.  Stephens didn't claim that there was no warming or that there was no human contribution to it, just that scientists needed to gather all relevant data and others need to examine that data with an open mind.  That heresy against global warming dogma was just too much for the nutty left.  They exploded in anger.  Now, they are organizing a boycott of the NY Times for daring to publish such heresy.

I love this.  Nothing is better than watching the crazy leftists attack the Times which itself is always tilted far left.  It's like watching a monster eat its young; it may be messy but it still does the job.

I wonder what the Times will do in response.  Will the paper decide to kowtow to the mob?  Will the editors decide that as the NY Times they cannot bow to the pressure?  Even better, will the loss of subscriptions from the crazies finally put the Times into bankruptcy (my preferred solution)?

We will all have to wait and see how this will play out.  I am, however, hoping for some sequels.

1.  Let's hope the far left decides that it cannot support Democrats because the party, in an obviously racist move, did not vote for the African American Keith Ellison for party chairman.

2.  Let's hope that the lefties decide that to save the planet they will no longer use anything that operates with fossil fuel.  That move would keep them from attending the weekly or monthly marches for something or other that we get to hear about each weekend.

3.  Let's hope that the left decides that it can no longer tolerate Nancy Pelosi because of all the bacteria that get killed to harvest the Botox she uses to such a great extent.  #AnimalRights


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