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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

If You Like Your Chemical Weapons, You Can Keep Them. Period

Steve Hayes has an article at the Weekly Standard that everyone should read.  It is clear proof that president Obama and his national security team knew full well a year ago that Syria still had chemical weapons but nevertheless continued to lie and claim that Syria had given up all such weapons.

In April of 2016, the State Department issued a report on compliance with international agreements barring the use and manufacture of chemical weapons.  The State Department, and that's the Obama State Department, concluded that Syria had used chemical weapons every year since it had supposedly destroyed all such weapons and also that Syria was in non-compliance with its obligations regarding chemical weapons. 

This is not minor stuff.  There is no way that this report by the State Department was not shown to the Secretary, John Kerry.  There is also no way that Kerry did not pass the conclusion on to the White House, including to Obama himself.  Kerry was a fool who stunk as a diplomat, but he has great political instincts and he would recognize that Syrian use of chemical weapons would be a ticking time bomb for Democrats.

Despite Obama's own government formally concluding that Syria still had chemical weapons, Obama still kept on making claims to the contrary.  The never-honest Susan Rice claimed as recently as the week before the Trump inauguration that Obama had gotten all chemical weapons out of Syria.

Of course, Obama and Rice were intentionally telling lies. 


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