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Friday, April 28, 2017

They Won't Even Tear Away From the Non-Stop BS

About two hours ago, the North Koreans launched another ballistic missile.  This short to medium range missile blew up in the air after about 25 minutes following launch.  The key is not that the missile test failed, but rather that the NKs launched the missile as a provocation to the USA.  The launch came on the day that a meeting of the UN Security Council was held to discuss what to do about the NK missile program.

I saw the news of the missile launch first on the internet.  I decided to see how the cable TV news networks were treating it.  Fox News was in the middle of Special Report, the channels evening news summary.  There was ample coverage and discussion of the meaning of the launch.  Then I went to MSNBC to see what was being said on Greta's show.  I checked in three times in fifteen minutes.  There was no mention of the NK missile launch.  There was, instead, a seemingly endless discussion of the success or failure of Trump's first 100 days.  It made me wonder if the show had been taped earlier. I also looked at CNN.  Wolff Blitzer was focused on General Mike Flynn.  Really!  The North Koreans launch another missile test, and the Blitz Man spends the entire broadcast talking about whether or not Flynn violated the law in 2015.  Who cares?

I know that the media like MSNBC and CNN are trying to tear down Trump as best as they can.  I get it.  Shouldn't news channels cover the breaking news though?  Shouldn't news that is extremely important and which could actually be an indication of impeding conflict at least be mentioned?

I really don't know why anyone watches CNN or MSNBC.

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